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Mitesco, Inc. (OTCQB: MITI) is opening primary care clinics around the United States in densely populated communities, often in apartment buildings, utilizing the experience, expertise, and training of licensed, advanced degreed registered nurse practitioners. Our clinics provide complete primary care, basic behavioral healthcare and basic dermatological services for consumers. The medical practice focuses on whole person health, acute care, and prevention. We seek to create a jointly developed longitudinal care plan with each individual that focuses on the patient's quality of life goals. We personalize care interactions based upon the person's care style as identified by University of Oregon's Patient Activation Measure, a peer reviewed validated tool. We pursue health equity in our practices and are a member of the National Minority Health Association. Our practice accepts most major commercial insurances, Medicare, Medicaid and self-pay patients. We support pricing transparency and maintain a published price list for self-pay patients. In addition to the traditional fee-for-service medical care, we offer a variety of services focused on wellness for both individuals and self-funded employers. Our wellness offerings include dermatological services, weight management, nutritional and diabetes coaching as well as offering products such as educational books, essential oils, supplements, and vitamins.

    our twitterour facebook page
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