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OTC PINK-DTII:   Defense Technologies International

Defense Technologies International Corp.'s subsidiary - 'PASSIVE SECURITY SCAN INC.' has the exclusive worldwide license to manufacture and distribute "PASSIVE SECURITY SCAN" technology. The Passive Security Scan is a portable scanning security device that uses the Earth's magnetic fields to detect potential security threats. It is the only product of its kind that uses passive scanning. Traditional detectors use X-ray (radiation) imaging - the type of technology that can have harmful effects after prolonged, repeated exposure; the Passive Security Scan eliminates any exposure to students. When students step through the Passive Security Scan, sensors embedded within the aluminum frame alert security personnel to the level of threat with color-coded LED lights and an audible buzz. The Passive Security Scan can also be linked with a computer to give an instant view, using numbers or colors, of the threat area, which can then be transmitted to a handheld device for ease of use, threat tracking and neutralizing.

Market Cap                $ 1,353,720    01/18/2019
Authorized Shares    200,000,000    12/04/2018
Outstanding Shares     4,307,578     01/28/2019
Restricted                    3,493,043     01/28/2019 
Unrestricted                   824,535     01/28/2019


Defense Technologies International Signs Distribution Agreement with AZTECH Educational Resources

Newsfile Corp.

Purchase Order for Ten Passive Portal Devices Completed

Del Mar, California--(Newsfile Corp. - January 10, 2019) - Defense Technologies International Corp. (OTC Pink: DTII)("The Company"), an innovative provider of security technology with broad and diverse applications, is pleased to ANNOUNCE THE COMPLETION OF ITS FIRST DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT FOR THE SALE OF DTII'S REVOLUTIONARY PASSIVE PORTAL™ TO AMERICAN PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SCHOOLS.

The agreement with AZTECH Educational Resources, LLC, calls for the manufacture and sale of ten (10) fully operational Passive Portal units.

AZTECH Educational Resources is a leading provider of curriculum, training, and equipment in schools from kindergarten through university. The Company provides the highest quality equipment and curriculum available in all of its product categories.

The Passive Portal uses the 'Earth's Magnetic Fields' with no emissions for detection of dangerous weapons in the educational environment and is extremely safe for any person passing through. Other competing devices use technology with emissions that many parents, teachers and administrators are wary of. The 'Passive Portal' is the state-of-the-art for this security purpose and is significantly less expensive, allowing for more life-saving units to be deployed.

"This is a Watershed Event for Defense Technologies International," stated Merrill W. Moses, President and CEO, Defense Technologies International. "Not only does this transaction expedite our desired goal of offering a better level of SAFETY & SECURITY for our Children… but this hopefully will start the process of awareness to this issue with both our Parents and our School boards. That having a security feature like this in our educational settings is a doable event and of almost Paramount Importance. And that now for the first time we'll have a real-world template which we can leverage in our expanding and ongoing sales efforts."

"Moreover, AZTECH's pedigree and established relationships in the educational setting make them the perfect first partner for us," added Mr. Moses.

"We are most pleased to be the first to take the Passive Portal to market," stated Richard McManus, President, AZTECH Educational Resources, LLC. "The Passive Portal is a true game changer for schools that want to be safer and to provide security that in and of itself is safe for their students."

About AZTECH Educational Resources:

AZTECH Educational Resources is a leading provider of curriculum, training, and equipment in schools from kindergarten through university as well as an integral industry partner with several large prominent cutting-edge companies, including our most recent partner Boeing. AZTECH was founded in Arizona in July of 2004, representing only one manufacturing company. Due to our stellar level of customer service, commendable installations, and exemplary trainings we have been able to establish an impeccable reputation throughout our territory. Our territory and representation now include 12 different companies on an exclusive basis in the following states, Arizona, New Mexico, Southern Nevada, and Southern California.


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