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Current Stocks to Watch

ILAL for long term (3-6 months hold) - Target $1.25
BIXT for short term (60-90 days) hold -  Targert $3.00
EMBK for short term (60-90 days) hold -  Target $21.00
VLDR for short term (30-60 days) hold -  Target $2.10

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Welcome to Small Cap Corner

Small Cap Corner would like to welcome you to our site!   We offer ideas to investors who like the opportunity to turn a small investment into a LARGE PROFIT.  

We focus primarily on little known Small Cap Stocks listed on NASDAQ and the NYSE (under $10.00 per share) that show potential as a good investment.  We also research NASDAQ Over the Counter market  that are positioned for exponential growth.  These undervalued stocks present a bargain for investors.     

Most of theses companies  are easy to follow in the public markets but do not get the Major exposure that is needed to make them a household name.   Once the company is discovered and gets the  major exposure it is very easy to make huge profits.  The unsung hero is our target!  This maximizes the profits of those smart investors who invest at these bargain prices.  Why shouldn't that be you?


Our strategy:   Many of our picks could possibly move much higher in a quick amount of time but we always stick to our goal and never look back.   The quickest way to lose your gains is to get greedy and raise your goals during the trade.  Take your profits and get ready for your next trade.    The same strategy is used on swing trades.  Sometimes our swing trades may drop from our selection price but they can bounce quickly and provide great opportunities for nice gains in short order.  Stick with your goal on these trades as well.   A gain of 10% on a 2 week hold is a fantastic return.   We are not trying to hit a home run with every trade.  Instead we want to get a base hit and book profits each time.   Remember,  PIGS GET SLAUGHTERED.

Sometimes a pick may not move as expected.   Watch your pick closely and always have a stop - loss price in your mind.  Don't be afraid to pull the trigger and sell for a small loss.   Small losses are the key to capital preservation.   Don't hang on or double down on sinking picks.  They will happen sometimes.   

Our history indicates that about 80% of our picks will respond like we anticipate.  Sometimes it may take a few weeks.   Keep our selections on your watch list and wait for upward momentum to begin,   Its time to place your buy order and be ready for your target to hit.  Its a good idea to place a good till cancelled sell order once you have your position.  This way you don't have to watch every tick. 

Some companies deserve to be viewed as a long term investments.   Our definition of long term investment is a buy and hold of at least 90 days or more.   Sometimes this period of time could be up to two years.   It takes time for companies to position themselves and execute their business plan.  When investing in this fashion always monitor your investment but don't sit and stare a the computer screen every day expecting huge gains.  This type of investing is a marathon,  not a sprint.    


Plan your strategy and stick with it.   Don't be greedy!  Take Profits!   

Happy Trading!